5 Mindfulness / Resilience tips to thrive in 2019

By Helen Nicholson


The team at the Future of Work Academy love the work that Helen Nicholson from The Networking Company does, especially when it comes to mindfulness and resilience - two skills that we can all certainly embrace when it comes to being more successful in the 2020's.

Below is a mail that Helen recently sent out to their community which I thought I'd share (with her permission) with you. 

5 of Helen's personal mindful / resilience tips to thrive in 2019

There was a time when I felt like a hamster on a treadmill ALL the time. I even bought a book called “Overwhelmed” twice, as I was clearly so overwhelmed the first time that I didn’t even notice that I’d already ordered it! True story! These are some of my personal, in the trenches tools that I now use daily, weekly and monthly and THEY WORK!

1. TAKE 1 SABBATH DAY OVER THE WEEKEND and this has nothing to do with religion. It’s a day I take to completely recharge.

Saturday’s are my favourite day and I never WORK. I run in the morning and then generally am horizontal for the rest of the day, either reading or watching a favourite series.

I leave my phone in the drawer from 9-5 so I have a digital detox as well. I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel after my personal Sabbath.

2. I RITUALIZE ALL MY GOALS. Rituals are very specific behaviours that lead to habits. So if I wanted to drink more water as a habit I would carry a water bottle around with me and every time I have a coffee, I drink a glass of water (that’s the ritual).

My rituals - I prepare my running outfit, and leave my running shoes at the bottom of my bed every night before I go to bed. This small ritual ensures that I run in the morning.

I religiously write in my gratitude journal every night for 5 mins before I go to bed - gratitude is a GAME CHANGER!

3. HOST A THANKSGIVING DINNER AT THE END OF NOVEMBER. Before the mad dash to the end of the year begins I invite our favourite people to dinner. After dinner everyone has a turn to reflect on the year and express their gratitude. It’s always an emotional evening and everyone leaves feeling connected and grateful. You can also make it pot-luck where everyone brings a dish.

4. PLAN ALL YOUR MINI HOLIDAY BREAKS BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY. Get one of those big wall calendars, identify the bank/ public holidays and plan as many 3 day breaks around those times as you can.

Three nights preferably in nature is the magic formula. The early bird does catch the recovery worm!

5. TAKE MAGNESIUM BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. Magnesium helps you sleep better ( it relaxes your muscles) so makes you sleep better and deeper. You need to unashamedly SLEEP to the top!!! 7-8 hours of sleep consistently will change your life.“Gratitude unlocks the fullness

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