A simple introduction to The Block Chain

By Graeme Codrington 

block chain

One of the most important skills any of us need in order to be successful in the changing world of work these days is an ability to identify trends, separate the signals from the noise, and decide what disruptive forces are most likely to change our world in the near future.

One of the biggest disruptors right now is Bitcoins. It’s created the biggest investment bubble in recorded history. But of more importance to businesses is the technology on which Bitcoin is based: the blockchain. Not many people are looking beyond the Bitcoin-mania to the technology that is driving it.

Once the Bitcoin bubble has burst and it’s true value re-established, the blockchain will become more evident. And it will change everything. It’s going to be where all transactions are recorded, it’s going to be how we store digital value and transfer digital information. And there will be many different options for cryptocurrencies.

Every company and every individual who uses the internet will eventually use blockchain as well. If you don’t know what blockchain is or how it works, Graeme presents a short 7-minute video that will help you.