5 Mindfulness / Resilience tips to thrive in 2019

By Helen NicholsonThe team at the Future of Work Academy love the work that Helen Nicholson from The Networking Company does, especially when it comes to mindfulness and resilience – two skills that we can all certainly embrace when it comes to being more successful in the 2020’s. Below is a mail that Helen recently sent […]

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3 Simple steps to getting your team excited about the future

By Graeme CodringtonHow do I get my team to track the future trends that will potentially disrupt our business?We know that we’re living in a fast-paced world of deep, structural change. We know that the future is not just an extension of the past (and present). We know that we should spend some of our […]

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Storytelling Webinar - Facebook (3) (1)

Upcoming webinar: Storytelling and Curiosity skills

Essential Leadership Skills for Tomorrow’s World Understanding the practical importance of both storytelling and curiosity in leadership practiceKeith’s title in TomorrowToday is ‘Director of Storytelling’ having formally studied the subject in the context of leadership and organisations.  Keith has long championed the link between leadership and storytelling (long before it became ‘fashionable’ to do so!) and in […]

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Horizon Scanning webinar

[Webinar replay] Horizon Scanning & What If Thinking

We look at why everyone in every organisation needs to learn how to think like a futurist (and how to get started).This webinar replay, hosted by Graeme Codrington, International Futurist and keynote presenter, will explore what you and your team can be doing now so that you’re not surprised by the future! Don’t forget to […]

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how to experiment at work

How to experiment at work

By Jude Foulston“Those who experiment the most, are able to innovate the best.” How many times have you heard that? And seriously – give me one company who hasn’t listed innovation as a key part of their corporate identity or culture for 2018. The reality is that it’s just not that easy to ‘start experimenting’ or […]

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