A practical exercise to get your team to think differently

By Keith Coats The Problem:I need to get my team to ‘think differently’ – to come up with a ‘better way of doing things’ – how can I get them to understand this in order to find this ‘better way’? The Solution:Here is a fun and participative exercise that will help achieve this outcome.If you have a […]

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Six things you need to know to be a future-fit leader

By Graeme Codrington Currently I am engaged in a series of workshops for chief executives from throughout the United Kingdom. These are business leaders of businesses from a variety of sectors and with annual turnovers ranging from £90m to £4m and with staff compliments from hundreds to 50. The workshops are focused on ‘leading in a […]

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The power virtual workplace for an older workforce

By Dean van Leeuwen People are living longer and healthier lives. This is a good thing because most baby boomers have not amassed enough savings to retire as early as their parents and parents did. But even if they have the savings for decades-long retirement many baby boomers still want to contribute and add value to […]

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