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The importance of ‘the balcony’ and how to build the reflective muscle

By Keith CoatsAdaptability is not just about being successful in a changing world, evolutionary biology identifies it as essential to survival. One of the most important of the adaptive skills is that of ‘getting on the balcony’. Inherent in the Adaptive Leadership model is this powerful (and very helpful) analogy of the ‘Balcony and the […]

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how to experiment at work

How to experiment at work

By Jude Foulston“Those who experiment the most, are able to innovate the best.” How many times have you heard that? And seriously – give me one company who hasn’t listed innovation as a key part of their corporate identity or culture for 2018. The reality is that it’s just not that easy to ‘start experimenting’ or […]

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Free webinar – The DNA of Adaptive Intelligence

By Graeme Codrington Understanding the importance of adaptive intelligence in readiness for tomorrow’s challengesThis webinar will explore the ‘DNA of adaptive intelligence’.  Everyone is telling us that both individuals and organisations need ‘to be adaptive’ but what does this actually mean?  Evolutionary biology teaches us that it is not the strongest or fittest (and to […]

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