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Register here for our upcoming webinar: Tomorrow’s World Today

Access TomorrowToday’s most requested keynote presentation when Graeme Codrington hosts our upcoming free webinar and uncovers the disruptive forces shaping the world today.  This session looks at the future and at the new attitudes and actions required from your people. The webinar focuses on how your people and leaders can respond, by understanding the nature of […]

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Silence – the quieter you become the more you hear

By Keith Coats Norwegian explorer and author, Erling Kagge, is someone who knows a thing or twoabout silence. In his insightful book, Silence, Kagge unpacks the power and importance of silence in an increasingly noisy world.Kagge spent 50 days walking across Antarctica in perfect solitude. His reflection on theexperience has become a best seller – perhaps because he […]

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Asking Questions: The Five Whys

By Graeme Codrington At the Future of Work Academy, we are addicted to questions. One of our founders, Keith Coats even keeps a journal in which he writes down good questions when he hears them. That journal is worth more than its weight in gold now. A good question, appropriately asked can be a real game […]

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To navigate a changing world: 7 Questions to ask, 13 Things to do

By Graeme Codrington Given the levels of uncertainty we’re all facing right now – political, economic, technological, personal and more – there has never been a more important time to have a clear view on the issues shaping the future and on how we should each respond.The team at TomorrowToday works with some of the world’s […]

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Organisational Culture: The secret that is hidden in plain sight

By Keith Coats The capacity to lead depends on trust. As a leader keeping trust alive is your primary responsibility for without it, you cannot lead. Trust is the air in a healthy organisational culture; it is the very currency of leadership. This is the secret that is hidden in plain sight – it must be […]

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