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Upcoming webinar: Storytelling and Curiosity skills

Essential Leadership Skills for Tomorrow’s World Understanding the practical importance of both storytelling and curiosity in leadership practiceKeith’s title in TomorrowToday is ‘Director of Storytelling’ having formally studied the subject in the context of leadership and organisations.  Keith has long championed the link between leadership and storytelling (long before it became ‘fashionable’ to do so!) and in […]

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Tuesday Tip: Future Proof Your Team – Develop a Curiosity Culture

By Buhle DlaminiOver the past decade massive global companies have shut their doors ‘overnight’. The truth is, it didn’t happen overnight, warnings of disruptive forces that threatened their future existence went unheeded, until…BOOM! In our Tomorrow’s World Today offering, we help clients to prepare for the major forces shaping the future. As the world changes […]

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The Best Medicine – finding out you are wrong.

By Keith Coats  The Problem:My team (or even as an individual) we / I have difficulty admitting when I am wrong. I have come to realise that this unhelpful intransigence is putting a handbrake on our (my) ability to challenge orthodoxies, to unlearn and accept ownership of things that aren’t working and then doing something about […]

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Standing on the words of Giants

By Keith Coats  The Problem:Our team conversations have grown stale. We are in a state of ‘death by agenda’ and there is no spark, zip or animated discussion anymore. What can I do?The Solution:Borrow something from a ‘literary Master’. Find a paragraph or some dialogue from a great novel that you introduce as a springboard to […]

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By Jude Foulston I was chatting with a friend the other day who has just started a teaching position at a new school. It’s different from where she’s come from and I was interested to know how she was transitioning into her new role and environment. She started telling me how the new headmaster loves asking […]

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