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5 Mindfulness / Resilience tips to thrive in 2019

By Helen NicholsonThe team at the Future of Work Academy love the work that Helen Nicholson from The Networking Company does, especially when it comes to mindfulness and resilience – two skills that we can all certainly embrace when it comes to being more successful in the 2020’s. Below is a mail that Helen recently sent […]

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Respect: what it means to different people

By Keith CoatsRespect is important currency in all relationships and whilst it may sound simple, the reality is, it is far from simple.How respect is given and received is strongly nuanced by personality, culture and context. Understanding these nuances is the key to practicing respect. Most organisations list ‘respect’ as a core value and yet […]

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Introverts, extroverts and all the people in between

By Graeme Codrington There is some debate over the value of personality profiles, especially those that are fairly blunt instruments and create large “boxes” in which to put people. And yet, we know for sure that profiling tools are valuable, and are used in many important and valuable ways every day. The most common of these […]

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[START Conversation Toolkit] Dealing with change

By Keith Coats We are frequently asked by concerned leaders how they can continue the conversations with their teams around disruption and the future of leadership.Most of the senior leadership meetings that take place within a business focus on an agenda driven by operational concerns. This is the norm and exactly what is needed you might […]

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How to make New Year’s Resolutions that last

By Graeme Codrington It’s a new year, and for many people that means going through the charade of “new year’s resolutions”. As the calendar year ticks over, it’s as good a time as any to take stock, make some changes and commit yourself to making the year ahead a good one. But for most people, their […]

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