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Silence – the quieter you become the more you hear

By Keith Coats Norwegian explorer and author, Erling Kagge, is someone who knows a thing or twoabout silence. In his insightful book, Silence, Kagge unpacks the power and importance of silence in an increasingly noisy world.Kagge spent 50 days walking across Antarctica in perfect solitude. His reflection on theexperience has become a best seller – perhaps because he […]

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Building Self-awareness

By Tamryn Batcheller-Adams “The problem is not what she does it’s how she does it!” (Sigh) an annoyed colleague reflected to another as she complained about their new manager, Sethu. Regretfully, Sethu was within earshot and stood frozen as she tried to make sense of what she just heard.”This comment and comments like this are what […]

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Six things you need to know to be a future-fit leader

By Graeme Codrington Currently I am engaged in a series of workshops for chief executives from throughout the United Kingdom. These are business leaders of businesses from a variety of sectors and with annual turnovers ranging from £90m to £4m and with staff compliments from hundreds to 50. The workshops are focused on ‘leading in a […]

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