Free webinar – The DNA of Adaptive Intelligence

By Graeme Codrington

Understanding the importance of adaptive intelligence in readiness for tomorrow’s challenges

This webinar will explore the ‘DNA of adaptive intelligence’.

Everyone is telling us that both individuals and organisations need ‘to be adaptive’ but what does this actually mean?

Evolutionary biology teaches us that it is not the strongest or fittest (and to that we could add those with the biggest market share or deepest pockets) that will survive but rather, those who are most adaptive.

This webinar will explore the four key elements of adaptive intelligence and provide practical insights as to how we can build this capacity at both a personal and organisational level.

In doing the work that I do the most common question I am asked (in a variety of ways) is: “What do I / we need in order to ensure that we thrive in the future – or to ensure that we are futurefit?”

My unequivocal answer is always: Adaptive intelligence!

There can be no more important topic in bridging today and tomorrow.

Date: 8th August 2018

Time: 12pm UK | 1pm South Africa | 7am New York

Hosted by: Keith Coats 

The world needs a new leadership response to a global context of change, complexity and uncertainty. Leadership expert Keith Coats is passionate about helping audiences around the world to understand what this response looks like and to equip leaders with the tools needed to respond to this changing context.

Keith's research and global experience of over 20 years has helped him identify the key-defining factors of a successful leader in the 21st century as the ability to learn, grow and be adaptable. It is his great privilege to help leaders access new frameworks and thinking in order to successfully lead into the future. Chat with us if you'de like to explore how he could help your team prepare for the future.