Tuesday Tip: Future Proof Your Team – Develop a Curiosity Culture

By Buhle Dlamini

Over the past decade massive global companies have shut their doors ‘overnight’. The truth is, it didn’t happen overnight, warnings of disruptive forces that threatened their future existence went unheeded, until…BOOM!

In our Tomorrow’s World Today offering, we help clients to prepare for the major forces shaping the future. As the world changes at an exponential rate we cannot afford to just make incremental changes. We have to fast track our organisations and teams’ ability to prepare for and engage with the disruptive forces.

In order to be ready for tomorrow’s world today, one of our recommendations is that you need to be curious and experiment more. This is counter-cultural for most organisations, because the very culture is built on maintaining a proven way of doing things that has served them well over the years. 

We are not suggesting that you start throwing out decades of proven methodologies that have a verifiable success track record; rather start preparing for when they are no longer viable. To survive and thrive into the future you have to get your organisational/team culture to be more curious.

So what are some of the things you can do practically to develop a curiosity culture?

  • Ask Questions and Encourage More Questions – We all know the rule that most organisations operate by “Don’t Ask Questions- Do What You Are Told”. This is the worst possible rule if you want to be at the leading edge. Turn this on its head and create a culture of asking smart questions – Why this way? Is there another way? What if? Create platforms for asking questions at meetings, intranet and directly with leaders.
  • Actively Search for Alternative Solutions – Deliberately go against the Status Quo and look for alternative solutions to how you do things. Encourage your team to bring new and fresh ideas of what is/could be done differently in your field. Encourage a ‘keep your eyes and ears open” approach to your work. Get your team listening to different sources (newsletters and podcasts) and subscribe to our Future Of Work Academy.
  • Reward Curiosity – As humans we are inclined to do that which gives us a positive reward. If we are constantly chastised for trying new things or making mistakes, we avoid anything that is risky or different. This is why it is important to not only pay lip service to being an innovative organisation but to reward it often and publicly. Even when curiosity leads to spectacular failure have an award for that too.

To future-proof your organisation will require you to create a curiousity culture and start now.

Contact the TomorrowToday Global team and ask for Buhle (author of today's tip) or any of the TomorrowToday team  to come around and discuss how to prepare for Tomorrow’s World Today, and Different Together.