Upcoming webinar: Storytelling and Curiosity skills

Essential Leadership Skills for Tomorrow’s World 

Understanding the practical importance of both storytelling and curiosity in leadership practice

Keith’s title in TomorrowToday is ‘Director of Storytelling’ having formally studied the subject in the context of leadership and organisations. 

Keith has long championed the link between leadership and storytelling (long before it became ‘fashionable’ to do so!) and in this webinar will provide insights as to how story can be used as a strategic framework as well as in the work of leading difference.

Linked to this is the power of curiosity and here Keith will provide insights as to why curiosity is so important (as a future-fit skill) as well as provide a practical template for hosting ‘curiosity conversations’.

TomorrowToday and the Future of Work Academy have identified both storytelling and curiosity as essential skills for the future of work and following this webinar participants will be able to explore these topics further through the Future of Work Academy.

Understanding the relationship between storytelling and curiosity is the first step in being able to leverage them in the quest to be ready for whatever comes next – or what we refer to as being, ‘future-fit’.

Date: 31st October 2018, Wednesday

TIme: 1pm UK, 3pm South Africa

Hosted by: Keith Coats

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