Workshop: 7 Characteristics of the Millennial generation

By Graeme Codrington 

One of the most common questions we are asked by our clients globally is how to engage with the younger generation entering the workforce. (Millennials / Gen Y / Digital Natives). They are certainly not just younger versions of what we know – they’ve grown up in a digital world and how they see things and how you see things have been impacted on many factors.

Use the video below (27 minutes) to guide your team through some important conversations on how to better understand and engage with the millennials in your team/ business.

The video below has been done in a workshop type format, with time to pause, answer the questions posed and have these important conversations. We have also provided you with a  powerpoint slide deck to assist you with the workshop, which you can download here (147MB).

(The video links Graeme mentioned are in the additional resource section at the end of this lesson)

Workshop questions

  1. They are Nomadic
    What does it mean for your team, for your organisation, or for your family that today’s young people are nomadic. What could you be doing better to work with these digital nomads?
  2. They are Time Scarce
    How does ‘being time scarce’ impact on the way that you’re doing business? What does this mean for both your employees and your customers. What practical steps could you take to help with the this ‘time scarcity’.
    Perhaps it’s as simple as allowing flexi time so that employees can better use their time instead of sitting in traffic.
  3. They Are Digital
    How confident are you that your organisation is a SMART organisation (Social, Mobile, Analytics Driven, Real Time & Tech Enabled). What more could you be doing for each of these SMART characteristics.
  4. They are Filtered
    What are you doing to create some ‘filtered’ moments. Perhaps it’s pizza’s for the team on Friday, or a evening out bowling… Perhaps it’s having your weekly team meeting at a coffee shop with coffees that are instagram worthy, or a mobile masseuse that comes to the office for the day when your team hits target!
  5. They are Gender fluid
    Diversity is an important conversation – are you having these (sometimes difficult) conversations.
    What does diversity mean, or look like in your organization?
  6. They are Purpose Filled
    How can you give the young people in your organisation a purpose filled life? What is your organisations purpose – how do / can you make a difference to people. What more could you do?
    What opportunities are there for your organisations to make a difference through the work they do.
  7. They are Tribal
    What are you doing to bring the young people into your tribe, into your team

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